About Brand New You

BNY owns the idea of personal branding in Australia and has established a blue chip list of corporate and educational clients from a broad range of backgrounds.

Operating for more than seven years, our unique insight and programmes have enabled our clients to improve their presence, increase their personal impact and develop their leadership skills.  Personal branding is at the heart of true organisational diversity – diversity of thought, opinion and perspective.

We provide a comprehensive service to suit a range of needs – from senior executives looking to expand their sphere of influence, women returning to the workforce and high school or university students moving into the workplace or applying for scholarships, university courses or post graduate programmes.

BNY provides tools and insights that will make a big difference in the way you see yourself, communicate with greater impact and manage how others perceive you.

Importantly, we are not image consultants.    We are highly qualified and experienced marketing and branding experts. Our team has worked in executive and senior positions at multinationals in Australia and internationally.  We deliver highly professional services and insights in brand leadership development.