Styling your brand

You can’t repeat a first impression.  When branding a product, marketers look at colours, fonts and logos.  When creating your personal brand, it is about what you wear, how you wear it, and the things you do in what you wear.  It is NOT about fashion, it is about costume.  Your clothes and how you present yourself needs to inform the world of what you are capable of.

Brand New You is not a ‘makeover shop’.  We are not channelling Trinny and Susannah, Tim Gunn or Rachel Zoe.  We do not replicate looks.  Instead, we work with you to create a sustainable and evolving personal brand.  One of which you are the master.

Within the initial brand book, you will receive guidelines and suggestions on how best to implement your personal brand style.  Alternatively, Brand New You can work with you for as long as you like in this space, or just get you started.

We often start with a wardrobe audit , then move onto styling with predetermined locations and meetings with appropriate vendors to optimize your time.  Some clients choose this for a special occasion, or the whole overhaul of their personal style.  Our clients actually save money by only investing in the right pieces.